Applied Healthcare Resource Management (AHRM Inc.), Announces Corporate Name Change to Applied Healthcare Research Management

Posted on Tue, May 02, 2017

Buffalo, NY (May 02, 2017) - Applied Healthcare Resource Management - a specialty CRO with a focus in Health Economics and Outcomes Research - announced today that it is changing its corporate name to Applied Healthcare Research Management. “The name change more accurately defines the company's diversified array of services and capabilities as a research consulting organization,” said Raf Magar, President and CEO of AHRM Inc.

"The new name – Applied Healthcare Research Management – allows us to emphasize our extensive experience and research design application to serve the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, as well as meeting the needs of the provider and payer customer base,” said Magar. “As a company with extensive access to cutting-edge technologies through the State University of New York at Buffalo, we are uniquely qualified to deliver a vast array of products and services that will support all sectors of the healthcare industry.”

The new name took effect in April 2017 and continues to be implemented across the company's services platform.

About AHRM Inc: Applied Healthcare Research Management is a clinical research organization offering clinical trial management, as well as a wide variety of additional research capabilities, including: HEOR, large-scale database analytics, machine learning, advanced statistical methods, meta-analysis, cost dictionaries, market research analysis, IRB preparation & submission, and the newest of our offerings, investigator-initiated research assistance.

Established in 2008 AHRM Inc. is headquartered in Buffalo, NY at the New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics & Life Sciences. Since inception AHRM Inc. has expanded its footprint to include offices in Raleigh, NC, USA (2012) Teddington UK (2015) and most recently in Bogota, Columbia (2016). For more news and information about Applied Healthcare Research Management, please visit



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