AHRM Inc. provides a multi-disciplined approach to support both pharmaceutical and medical device studies from Phase I through Phase IV. What sets apart AHRM Inc. from traditional CROs, is the ability to also design and implement Health Economics and Outcomes Research in parallel with clinical trials.

Applied Healthcare Resource Management IncBiostatistics – Analysis, sample size determination (clinical or economic), statistical analysis plan (SAP), interpretation, and inference of trial data or real world data

Advanced Computational Methods - Application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to real-world data

Site Monitoring – Clinical monitoring of your selected study sites as detailed in the clinical monitoring plan

Data Management – Comprehensive review and analysis of data quality. Query generation and resolution to ensure clean datasets used for reporting

Protocols – Development or review of protocols with well-defined objectives to meet central or local IRB requirements for approval

eCRF/CRF – Design and generation to provide standardized data collection to meet analysis requirements

EDC Development and Maintenance – Development of remote data capture systems which allows for real time monitoring of eCRF completion, data management and data analysis. These capabilities can expedite database lock timeframes

Internal Review Board (IRB) Preparation and Submission – Collection, completion and submission of all required IRB materials for initial review, amendments and continuing reviews

Project Management – Planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of clinical and economic trials

Outcomes Research – Health economic analysis to support pricing and reimbursement requirements in North America and Europe

Country-specific Cost Dictionary – Development of a customized database of unit costs associated with resources consumed during the provision of care, information typically utilized for health economic analysis

Meta-analysis – Pooling and analysis of data from the literature to estimate rates for economic models

Market Research Analysis – Collection of and analysis of data using surveys or input from advisory boards

Advisory boards – Identification and recruitment of key individuals to generate informative data to support protocol development, health technology target population, health technology development, payor requirements, patient satisfaction and employer needs

Writing Support – Manuscripts, Posters, Publication Planning, Value Dossier, Clinical Summary Report (CSR), Presentations and White Papers 

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